Wedding in Denmark

Civil Marriage Denmark

Red and white wedding bouquet and a boutonniere
  • Verification of Documents
  • Confirmation of Wedding Date
  • Reservation of Accomodation
  • Witnesses
  • Arrival and Ceremony information
  • International Marriage certificate & Apostille

Not include: Arrival & Accommodation, legalization of marriage certificate, witnesses

Extras: Pickup service from the Airport Hamburg (Germany), Flowers Bouquet, Hair & Make Up, Photographer and Wedding Cake

Price : 4250 AED

Beach wedding at Danish island

Beach Wedding
  • Process of documents & wedding date confirmation
  • Trip information
  • Pick up service Airport Hamburg (Germany) to destination
  • 1 overnight
  • Witnesses
  • Decoration
  • Photos
  • Bouquet
  • Marriage certificate& Apostille

Not include: Arrival, legalization of marriage certificate
Extras: Hair & Make up, wedding cake, limousine / wedding coaches

Price : 6200 AED

We make getting married in Denmark for foreigners a reality

Denmark is a hallmark destination for people who want to see the heart of Europe. The national capital, Copenhagen, offers a deluge of attractions, from its artistic cityscape to its culturally-rich museums. As such, getting married in Denmark for foreigners is becoming an increasingly attractive option. If you want your wedding to have the romantic atmosphere that is unique to Copenhagen, there is one name you can count on – Easy Weddings.

Advantages of a marriage in Denmark

Choosing Easy Weddings to facilitate a wedding offers numerous benefits including the following:

  • We offer packages for a bespoke marriage in Denmark, complete with all the necessary documents
  • There is no shortage of places to celebrate a honeymoon, with Denmark’s proximity to other countries in Europe.
  • Authorities tasked with processing applications and documents need only 3 weeks to review a case, whereas other European countries take up to 6 months to finish processing an application and pertinent documents.
  • Copenhagen requires minimal documents for a marriage
  • The country is home to some of the happiest people in the world and is rich in European culture

How we can help make your dream wedding come true

Our team at Easy Weddings is composed of professionals who are highly familiar with the documents and processes involved in weddings in different countries. We can provide comprehensive consultancy services to ensure that every requirement is met and every concern resolved for a smooth celebration. From the authentication of documents to the finalisation of the international marriage certificate, our in-house experts can provide you with extensive support, every step of the way.
Easy Wedding also offers complete packages inclusive of venues for our customers to choose from. Whether you want a lovely celebration and honeymoon in the capital city of north Europe, or a quiet gathering along the beach of a Danish island, we can make it happen for you.

General services included in a bespoke Denmark wedding

  • Document processing
  • Wedding date confirmation
  • All trip information included
  • Witnesses
  • Event décor
  • Photography
  • Wedding bouquet
  • Marriage certificate
  • Apostille